Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Time-Honored Post Newbery Tradition: In which I attempt to post my first video

Regardless of where in the country the Newbery and Caldecott medalists may be when they get the news, the very next thing they will be required to do is make travel arrangements to the NBC studios to appear on The Today's Show.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Attempt to embed NBC video failed. We are blaming NBC.

Here is a link to watch Jerry Pinkney and Rebecca Stead basking in the glow of their medals, (not really they don't get the medals until next summer).

I love Pinkney's comment that his book is about family. The favorite illustration for me and my students in his book is the picture inside the back cover showing an outing with families Lion & Mouse.

The women conducting the interview reinforce my preference for NPR as a news source.


  1. Thanks for posting the interview. Couldn't agree with you more about someone else doing the interview. They didn't do these 2 amazing authors justice in the least bit.

  2. Indeed NPR needs to host the traditional "morning after" interview. Think of what it would mean to school kids across the country!