Thursday, November 5, 2009

Attempting to Make Utah a Little Slice of Manhattan

Many of you reading this post may also be devotees of A Fuse #8 Production blog, AKA the world best blog. Possibly I should have qualified it as the world’s best Children’s Lit blog, but in my world there are no other blogs. This blog is brought to us supposedly by one Mrs. Elizabeth Bird, a lovely, witty, and prolific New York Public Librarian/soon-to-be published picture book author. I say supposedly because I am not entirely convinced, based on the sheer quantity and quality of her output, that she is merely one person. In moments of well-deserved inadequacy regarding my own blogging ability, I have fanaticized that in reality she is a conglomeration united to enlighten the world to current trends, long-forgotten gems, and the finer points regarding literature for our young. And Betsy Bird is merely the Carolyn Keene veneer they use as a front man.

The talented Elizabeth, be she one or twenty, frequently hosts Kid Lit Drink Nights, where interested parties can mingle and talk Scieszka, DePaola, Yolen, Willems et al. Being that these suarays takes place in Manhattan; I’m guessing the subjects of discussion could also show up in person. After enviously reading about these splendid gatherings the thought occurred that I could try something similar close to home. After musing this thought aloud I met Brooke Shirts in the comments of Fuse #8. Brooke is an MLS on hiatus to raise her children, recently moved to the Salt Lake area. She was willing to help me bring social mingling over Kid Lit to our state. Being that our state is Utah the “drink” part of the event needed to be changed to something less alcoholic if not less decadent.

I am here today to introduce you to – Kid Lit Pie Night, hosted by Brooke and myself. The first of which will be held this coming Tuesday evening, Nov. 10, at The Salt Lake Roasting Company at 8:00. We fully realize at this late date that attendance may just be the two of us, and we are ok with that. With any luck it will not be the last.


  1. Oh, rats. My writers group meets Tuesday nights. But I'll be at the next one!

  2. Shoot! That's my NaNoWriMo Write-in night. But I love the concept! Pencil me in for the next one!

  3. In May I attended the kidlit drink night in NYC, and now you're hosting a Utah version. Goody, goody and yummy, yummy! I'm doing a reading at the U until 8:30, but I'll try to make it. Thanks.
    Jean Reagan

    (My earlier attempt to post failed. Sorry if I double-post!)

  4. We will look forward to seeing you there Jean.