Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and Mo and 150 First-Graders

This week was fine
This week was dandy
This week me and my friends were happy
We found out that we like Sim. . el. . .
We like Sim . . el. . .
We like MO-CASTS
We also like Piggie
We like Gerald
We really like the funny, funny man
Who dresses fancy to tell us funny stories
Sometimes the funny man makes funny faces
Sometimes he makes funny sneezy noises
We liked his pretend phone
We don't think his pretend phone would work to call for pizza
We liked the new Piggie and Elephant book
We liked that we were the first to see it
Some of us went home and wrote our own Piggie and Elephant books
We think the Big Frog book will be good too
We want to thank the funny man
Thank you for showing us how you make the funny books
Thank you for showing us your thinking chair
Thank you for writing lots of books
The books that make our librarian loose her voice
when she reads them over and over and over.
Thank you for making us giggle, laugh, and roll on the floor.

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